Curious George Birthday Party

As I’ve mentioned in the Pirate Party blog (seen here), I’m very fortune to have the boys’ birthdays so close to each other, therefore every June we can throw one big birthday party.


For the 4th and 2nd birthday our theme was Curious George.  They both loved the show and I thought it would be great to get ideas from the very Curious George for our very curious kiddos. I started my research on Pintrest and went from there.

The colors were yellow, red and blue.  My first stop was at the fabric store to get some fabric and ribbon to make a banner of Curious George for decorating the back yard. I’m not much of a sewer so my handy mother-in-law made the banner.  I believe it was 50 ft long. I was able to decorate my backyard and cut off a section long enough to drape across their birthday present: a swing set. 


After collecting bits and pieces from various party stores, I wanted to make some homemade decorations as well.  Those included the Man with the Yellow Hat’s hats, cupcake toppers, customized food signs and custom t-shirts for the kiddos. The Man with the Yellow Hat’s hats where fairly easy.  I bought yellow cups and lined the top of them with electric tape.  Then they were displayed cup down on yellow plates where the food will be served.  Some had sand in them and held the ballon decorations down.

Cupcakes are always a huge treat in my house and these were no different.  Kevin and I made custom cupcake toppers with their ages, 4 and 2, “Happy Birthday Jackson” and “Happy Birthday Nolan” on it as well as Curious George’s face.  I alternated the yellow, red and blue patterns and super glued them on small craft sticks. I called a local candy store and asked them if it was possible to go through their runt supply and grab a bunch of the banana candies. I needed about 4-dozen to add on top of the cupcakes.  This was time consuming, but was definitely worth it when we saw their faces when they saw the cupcakes.

Luckily, my husband worked on the cupcake topper design as well as the custom food signs like Curious George Fruit Cup, Hundley's Hot Dogs and Chef Pisghetti's Pasta Salad. 


Each kiddo has their own logo and we like to incorporate it on their custom t-shirts for the party.  Because the theme was Curious George, we grabbed an image of Curious George and had that near their age on the body of the t-shirt and their logo on the sleeve. They loved wearing their shirts on the day of the party and throughout the summer.

The Curious George theme and fun started the moment you walked into the yard and were greeted by a picture of Bell Man from Curious George asking you to join us out back.  We had music from the Curious George movie sound track playing and the fun rolled on from there. 


 During the party, the kiddos enjoyed their new swing set, which took us 12 hours to put together (that’s another story) but they also played games including pin the eyes on Curious George and balloon smash with pool noodles.  I got noodles at the dollar store and cut them in half.  The night before the party I blew up 2 -dozen balloons that I stored in a large trash bag.  When it was time for the game, I gave each kiddo a noodle and dumped the bag of balloons on the lawn.  The object of the game was to hit all the balloons in to the empty kiddy pool.  After they played for a while the next game was to sit on their balloons until they popped and then give me all the broken balloon pieces.  It was a win -win.  Happy Kids, easy clean up.

Although the goodie bags were themed they didn’t cost me an arm and a leg.  I bought Curious George books from Scholastic that were $1 each.  I also added some goodies like pencils, stickers and bouncy balls.  Lastly, I made Curious George flip books that I found on the Internet and added them to the goodie bags.

It was not only a great time for the kiddos but I know their parents also enjoyed being a little curious too.