Hunting and Gathering: An Acorn, Popcorn and Pine Cone Fall Craft:

Lately, I've seen a lot of popcorn kernel decorations for fall. I thought I would use that idea and came up with an inexpensive fall decoration the kids could help with.

It started a few weeks ago when we went on an acorn hunt in our neighborhood. Nolan and Jackson rode their scooters up the street with me and we filled a pail with acorns. We only wanted the perfect acorns with the caps on them. We brought them home and played some counting games with them but they were too perfect not to have for decoration.

The next time we were at the grocery store we bought a $2 bag of popcorn kernels. We had little pinecones from a previous season’s hunting and gathering game. Now we were set to make some fall decorations!

Jackson helped me put together the decorations by adding each layer to the glass vases. Then he walked around the house to find the best spots to place the filled vases. Later that night, Jackson mentioned how much he liked where the decorations were and creating it 2gether. 

Not only do I love bringing nature inside during this time of year, I also got to decorate 2gether with my boys.