2gether we POP!

Today was a going to be a really hot day and the morning seemed to be longer than normal.  So, let’s do something 2gether and make popsicles so we can enjoy them after nap.   Jackson grabbed the juice bottle, while Nolan and I put out the containers.  Jackson helped pour the juice from a liquid measuring cup and cover the popsicle containers.  Nolan opened the fridge and made room for the popsicles.  Then poof,  the afternoon treat was created 2gether and to enjoy 2gether.

Not only is make popsicles fun to do, it’s so much cheaper and healthier than buying some store bought brands.  One bottle of organic pink lemonade cost $3.50 and makes about 30 popsicles.   Fun, Cheap and 2gether!  What more could you ask for!