Pirate Party for my Little Mateys

Fortunately, but maybe unfortunately through my boys’ eyes, they are both June babies therefore, I’m able to host one large birthday party for both of them.   I try to pick a theme that will satisfy both personalities and interests, so this year we chose a pirate theme with a hint of Jake and the Neverland Pirates. 

I started researching a few months before to get some ideas on the Internet and, of course, Pinterest.  Once I came up with a few samples of things that would work,, I talked it over with my party consultant (a.k.a. my husband).  2gether we worked on the logo idea and decided to use the Jake and the Neverland Pirate logo but added the boys’ initials to it.  Ok, it was really all Kevin but it went along with what I was thinking.  Let’s give credit where credit is due.

Now that we had the logo it was important for us to keep that consistent throughout the party.  I started with the cupcake toppers.   

cupcake toppers.JPG

I printed the logo on 2 x 2 thick card stock and trimmed them.  I grabbed my craft sticks and hot glue gun.  I dabbed the top and the middle of the craft stick with the hot glue and adhered the flag to it while pushing the top and bottom together slightly.  This created the bow I was looking for.  After holding it together for 30 seconds or so it was done. 

If you don’t have access to thick cards stock you could go to an office supply store and get the business cards, which will work just as well.

I topped the cupcakes with the sails and a gold treasure coin and, poof they were done.


We incorporated the logo throughout the party.  We had it on the sails and on their shirts.  After a quick trip to Lowes, or not so quick considering the boys were beating each other up in the middle of the store, we had our supplies for the sails.  The boys were really excited to see how big these sails were going to be.  Jackson was really into helping daddy get the cut out stencil in the right spot for the sail.  Once it was spray painted and dried, with a hint of little footprints on the sail fabric, it came to life.   


Every year since the boys were born, we have created custom t-shirts for the boys to wear on their birthday.  This year we took the logo, wrote their respective age in a flag and used T-Shirt transfers to make their t-shirts. 


This year I was over putting together actual goodie bags, so I thought I would incorporate the “treats” throughout the party.  When you walked up to the party there was a pirate costume table with a talking parrot.  The accessories included eye patches, pirate hats, pirate tattoos and, of course, mustaches.  I hung up a solid wood frame right next to the table so guests could take their photo.  There were goodie bags on the table where the guests could put their pirate accessories and future treasures to take home with them.  This table in particular was a huge hit and the focus of lots of laughs, especially for the parents.

Not only do I love throwing parties, I love watching the kids have a great time.  This year themed activities included: digging for treasure, walk the plank and a piñata.


Even though the party came and went with lots of planning around it, it was all worth it when my Jackson looks at me and says “thank you, Mom, that was the best birthday party”.  At the end of the day, Kevin and I high fived and reviewed all the pictures and saw how many friends and family had a great time, laughed, ate and played.  That day 2gether we played… HARD. 

I have to make note that food planning, cleaning up and threaten bad weather will all be apart of future blogs.  Ohhh a teaser….