Little Lego People

This Halloween, the costumes were all my husband's idea.  So here's his first blog.  Enjoy.!



This year for Halloween, the boys and I decided to represent their love for Legos by making Lego men Halloween costumes. The process started by digging through Jackson’s bin of Lego guys to find the perfect inspiration. After finding just the right classic yellow Lego head, and body, we loaded up in the car and headed to Home Depot for supplies.

Once at Home Depot we headed straight for the concrete pier footing tubes. For anyone that doesn’t know what this looks like, picture a huge toilet paper roll that’s just big enough to fit your head in.

After test fitting the boy’s heads in the tubes, we headed for the paint aisle to search for Lego head yellow. Of course we brought a sample Lego head that we held along side the tops of all the yellow spray paint can covers until we found the perfect match.

We then scooted around the store and picked up all the other odds and ends necessary to create our Lego men masterpieces. Once back at home, we started by cutting down the tubes for the heads and cardboard for bodies, and then got right into painting. To finish it off, we printed out the Lego logo and proudly adhered it to their Lego chests.

The costumes turned out great and thankfully the Lego heads were surprising waterproof, which we tested out in the drizzle of Halloween night.  It took several hours to build the costumes, for only about an hour of Trick-or-treating, but that wasn’t the point. The point was, we created a memory 2gether that we’ll have forever.