Please Pass the Shaving Cream:


As the nights are getting longer, we are not playing outside for more than 1 hour. That means it’s time to get creative and not insane.  

Last night I took out the shaving cream and remembered my mom doing the same thing with me.  It was one of my favorite things to do.  Little did I know, it gave my mom some time to get things done and I was hoping for the same result.

I dressed the kiddo’s up in smocks, put a dollop of shaving cream in front of them and they spread all of the shaving cream all over the dark table.  Both kids were enjoying making shapes, animals and letters in the shaving cream.  They also loved getting messy together.  It lasted just enough time for me to get dinner ready and make lunches for the next day.   I would consider that a successful project that we all enjoyed 2gether.