Skeletons in the night:

A few months back, we were at our local craft store and picked up some glow in the dark puffy paint.  I was particularly excited about this because I felt like Kevin and I could create things that would help the kids enjoy putting the lights out at night.  We first created treasure boxes, but this time around I wanted to create something to celebrate Halloween, so skeletons it was.


Kevin drew up a skeleton (but you could also print one out) and then Jackson cut out the skeleton.  Jackson and I worked together to color in the bones with the glow in the dark paint.  It took about 3 hours to completely dry. That night before bed Jackson had fun with his new skeleton buddy in the dark.


Jackson enjoyed the craft so much that Nolan’s craft today was to make glowing ghosts.  I made today’s letter of the day, which was G.  We traced G’s and then made the ghosts. The circles were actually small letter G’s.  He also enjoyed having a little ghost buddy at night as well.  They were so fun to make and play with. I was actually thinking about making jack-o-lanterns tomorrow.