Let Go, Mom!

Yesterday, Jackson was practicing riding his bike.  Now, he is our first-born so he’s a bit more timid than our second born and I admit, it’s because he was babied a bit as a child. But yesterday, this one moment in time was such a reality check for me that he’s still my baby and it’s just too hard to let go. 

Jackson was on his bike while I was holding the seat and running next to him and he started balancing and peddling.  He was going fast and yelled “Let Go, Mom”. At that moment, I tried everything in my power to let go, but all I could do was grab his t-shirt as he started peddling away.  He fell to the ground, totally fine, but angry with me.  I couldn’t stop laughing and apologized that sometimes it’s just hard for mommy to let go and that was one of those times. 

The small moments of watching my oldest baby achieve milestones such as crawling, walking, go off to kindergarten, and riding his bike for the first time are a realization that these moments are not only milestones for him but also for me.  So to all you Mom’s out there, enjoy your Mother’s day and know that all you do, helps your children reach those milestones, even though it’s sometimes just to hard let go.