Don't "Wine" about Fruit Flies

Now that the warm weather has past, I still have those darn fruit flies in my house.  They are the littlest buggers that want to drink my wine when it’s wine-thirty!  I don’t want to share my wine at wine-thirty.  It’s mommy’s time to relax and embrace the next 4 hours of cooking dinner, cleaning up, wiping faces, breaking up wrestling matches, bath time, putting on pj’s, breaking up more wrestling matches, brushing teeth, story time and bedtime, all the while trying to enjoy the moments too. 

One day, I didn’t finish my wine in time before a fly got to it.  It gave me an idea to get rid of those pesky little buggers.  Leave one sip of wine in your wine glass, add a squirt of dish soup to your glass and fill with warm water. The fruit flies will be attracted to the smell as well as get stuck in the bubbles.  I know it’s gross but it actually works. 

I know that wine is good until the last drop, but this time leave the last drop to catch some the left over fruit flies for good.