4 Tea Tree Oil Home Remedies


This past week our family has come down with some hideous sicknesses from sinus infections to the stomach flu.  Who would have thought I would concoct remedies using tea tree oil?

I was the unfortunate one with the sinus infection.  I was already on an antibiotic and religiously using my neti pot but I need more relief.  I read that if you add 3 drops of essential tea tree oil to boiling water and breath over it with a towel over your head it will give you some relief.  Oh yeah, I went there and tried it.  It certainly gave me some relief, who would have thought?

Earlier in the week I noticed mildew on Nolan’s window frame.  I used the tea tree oil to remove and kill the bacteria and mildew.  After some scrubbing, I was able to remove the mildew and it smelled nice.

Lastly, when my son came down with the stomach flu I was determined to get ride of the germs around the house.  I remember when I was younger my mom would spray this “nurse’s spray” that smelled so bad that it almost made me sick all over again.  I didn’t have any “nurse’s spray” or Lysol and I didn’t want to just spray anything, so I found a recipe on Yahoo. I adjusted it in order for it to work with what I had on hand.  The room disinfectant spray was 3 cups boiled water-cooled, ¼ cup rubbing alcohol, 10 drops of tea tree oil and a couple drops of citrus oils.  I mixed it together and poured it into a cleaned out natural cleaner spray bottle.  I’ve been spraying it around the house and in every room to kill germs. 

I’ve also heard that adding a few drops of tea tree oil on a comb when brushing your kiddo’s clean, wet hair will help deter lice from getting on your kiddo’s head when there is an outbreak at school.

I’m obviously not an expert, but I wanted to share my uses for tea tree oil and how it helped my family get through this cold spell 2gether.