My Third Eye

When you become a parent you not only realize that patience doesn't grow on trees, you also realize it takes a lot of control from within not to react the way you really want to.  Sometimes I’d like to run screaming down the hall and hide in a closet but that doesn’t really set the right example for my kids.

Being a huge Yogi, I’m always trying to use my Ujjayi breathing in stressful situations. There are times it doesn’t work and it looks like I’m huffing or having some sort of asthma attack.  In one of my yoga classes they were talking about combining the Ujjayi breathing with the third eye and the use of pressure points to help relieve stress. I thought I could show Jackson how you can calm yourself down by pushing on your third eye, which is on the top part of your nose in between your eyes, and taking a deep breath.

Now let’s fast forward a few weeks when both boys are at each other throats. I’ve been refereeing the whole morning, milk just spilled all over the floor and it’s only 9am.  I take an Ujjayi breath and push on my third eye and Jackson said to Nolan, “wait, Nolan, Mom needs a breath; she’s doing her third eye thing”.  Not only did he make light of the subject and made us all laugh, he recognized that mommy needed a minute.  He also used it later that week for comic relief.   Nolan was screaming at a high octave during dinner and Jackson said “Mommy, let’s breath and third eye” as he places his hands on his forhead and made a silly breathing face. 

I so appreciated my 5 year old who was the one to bring us 2gether to get through those stressful times with a light and innocent heart.