Jalapeño Ice

I was prepping dinner and was making cilantro lime chicken tacos with mango cucumber salsa and I realized I didn’t buy any jalapeño at the store.  I decided to use my frozen jalapeños from my garden that were flash frozen at the end of last season.  Instead of chopping it, I thought that I would just grate it.  Then I realized, that jalapeño ice is a nice topping to any Mexican recipe.  If you like the added heat, top your tacos, guacamole or salsa with the ice. 

In this case, I just added the grated jalapeño ice to the salsa to give it a little heat.  Because Jackson was my taste tester, he told me that it added a little “Zip” to the salsa. 

Like the heat? Add a little jalapeño ice to your mojito or margarita for a little “zip” in your drink.