Crockpot White Chicken Chili:


This recipe came about because I wanted to make chili from the ingredients I had around the house.  It was a great success for Soup Sunday and our company. This crockpot recipe was quick, easy and inexpensive.


1.5 lbs chicken thighs chopped, partially frozen

1 large shallot, chopped

2 large cloves garlic, crushed

1 can cannellini beans, drained

1 can small white beans, drained

1 medium shallot, chopped

1 Anaheim and/or jalapeno pepper, chopped, add both if you like more heat

1 can diced tomatoes with adobe seasoning

1 bay leaf

1 tsp marjoram

1 Tbs Chili Powder

1 Tbs Cumin Powder

4 cups chicken broth

Salt to taste

1Tbs cornstarch with equal parts cold water

1 cup of frozen sweet corn

As I was prepping for the soup, Jackson came over and asked me if he could help.  I welcomed the opportunity to spend a little more time with my kindergartener. I chopped the veggies and chicken and Jackson helped open and add the canned tomatoes, drain the beans and add the chicken broth to the crockpot.  We added the herbs and seasoning then mixed.  He did say it looked gross but after it cooked for 6-8 hours he was the first person to taste it.  He liked it, but the soup was primarily for the adults.

After 6-8 hours on low add the frozen corn and stir.  After about 5 minutes, add the cornstarch mixture.   Serve with your favorite corn bread muffins or tortilla chips.